Ignition Projects Chicago 2019

a broadcast installation that includes sculptures, light boxes, experimental instruments and participatory interactions. Ignition Project Space is run by Mia Capodilupo a friend from my San Francisco days, there are three concurrent exhibits Michael Pollard also an old friend from San Francisco will be showing in the window space, Kevin Maginnis will show in the garden space.

Farm Art D/Tour, Wisconsin 2018

The first area is the source of the broadcast sound the source will be an open shelter similar to a sound booth. Its dimensions will be 6ft x 8ft and 8ft high with a ceiling height of 8ft. The booth will house an enclosed area at the base that will shield the electronics from the natural elements. Within the enclosed area will be an FM transmitter, sound effects bank and other audio equipment as well as rechargeable batteries to power the equipment. A solar panel installed on the roof of the booth will recharge the batteries. The radio broadcast will have two distinct channels, the first will be composed of pre-recorded music, stories, poetry, recorded conversations, and other sounds recorded over the summer in Sauk County with the locals and residents of the area. Participation from different groups in the community will be sought out and planned through meetings with locals whom would like to participate in the broadcast. To summarize the first channel of the broadcast will be a way to transmit to visitors the meaning of community and place through the voice of its local residents. The second channel of the broadcast is the live channel. The live channel will transmit live interaction of visitors through the microphone as well as impromptu or scheduled live performances of visitors, locals, and my own sound performances. This second channel will transmit in tandem with the first and result in a textured and layered broadcast that contrasts and combines the prerecorded local recordings and the live interventions of the visitors to the site.


Techne Expanding University of Nebraska Lincoln 2018

The fulcrum of the work is a balance between entropy and participation. It is performed through electronic and computerized control while simultaneously modified by the audience.

Big Bad Anthropocene Machine is a multifaceted project that includes performance, sculpture, video and sound. For this proposal I performed with sound and kinetic sculpture.

Currents International New Media Festival Santa Fe, New Mexico 2017

New Citadel is designed as a project that enables viewers to take part in the cacophonous movements of urbanism and to embrace individuality within the multitudinal effort. The installation permits visitors to build a model city based on ideas of what could be constructive and useful within their own personal urbanist experience. Architectural model making materials are provided and instructions are given on basic architectural design. The citadel starts to populate itself with the creations of its visitors, each one adding a new element to the project. Each construction is a manifestation of the individual working in a larger group, while discussions on urbanism and democratic process are encouraged. Participants are asked “ How effective is their participation and what benefits could there be to a more open process of determining the change around us?”.

Tilting the Basin, Nevada Museum of Art, Nevada 2016-2017

Selected as part of a group of artists that have helped define the direction of contemporary art in the state of Nevada over the past ten years. This project was funded by the Nevada Museum of Art. The work called New Citadel is a room sized interactive and participatory, mixed media installation controlled by computers and electronics.


UAMO Media Festival Munich, Germany 2017

As a featured selected artist I was able to represent the Hatchery Art Collective in the UAMO Fortress exhibit in Munich, Germany. The Live broadcast occurred at NMHU and was transmitted to an audience at the Einstein Cultural Center. I collaborated with Cairo based artist Amanda KM.


Interlude the Wildlife Divide in Asheville, Black Mountain College and Art Center, Asheville North Carolina 2016

Exhibited for the second time at The Black Mountain College Museum and Art Center in Asheville, North Carolina as part of the Interlude Exhibition. I was selected out of a highly competitive pool of applicants to present The Wildlife Divide with invited guests Asia Suler and Anna Toth. BMCM+AC was founded in 1993 by Mary Holden to honor the history of Black Mountain College as a forerunner in progressive interdisciplinary education and to celebrate its extraordinary impact on modern and contemporary art, dance, theatre, music, and performance.

I received funding from the Media Arts Project in Asheville, North Carolina to complete this project.